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Early childhood education plays an integral role in supporting a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. At Shining Stars Learning Center, children do not only receive age-appropriate education, but they’re also taken care of with safety, loving care, and attention. We aim to support our students’ holistic growth with the help of our educators. In addition, we encourage all parents to get involved in their child’s education. Not only can they monitor their child’s school performance, but they can also build a better relationship with their child.

  • We participate in the Maryland State Department Food Program, which allows us to provide all of our students with a well-balanced nutritional breakfast and lunch and afternoon snack.

Toddler Curriculum

Supporting your child’s cognitive growth through letter and number recognition

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Preschool Curriculum

A load of fun learning activities to prepare your child socially and academically.

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We Offer the Following Programs

Your child deserves the best early childhood education that supports their developmental growth.

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School Agers

Allowing your child to socialize with other children before and after school

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Learn more about our programs designed for your child’s holistic growth.

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Where every child shines Photo Gallery

Take a look at our photos to learn more about our school and what we do to hone your children. Now and then, we update our gallery with the latest activities and events we conduct at our school.

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